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Developing and RIA applications

  • ABtalent – information system for TV shows production of Slovakia’s Slovensko hlada talent show
  • ABstar – information system for TV shows production of Slovakia’s Idols show
    •* UniSite – web cms editorial system portal programmed to instant use, Weby Slovenska s.r.o.
    •* SiteJay web CMS ver 1 – Sitejay ver 2.x – editorial (or publication) system continually developed and improved, more references on www.sitejay.com
    •* HTC holding a.s., OZ Bearings a.s. – internet application for the data collection about stock published on the company’s web
  • XTrain – part of the internal information system of the advertising company offering advertising services inside of the carriages of ZSSK a.s. The software provides data collection (occupation of the advertising surfaces in the carriages) from the service centres around Slovakia and their consequent processing in the centre for technical and economic outputs.
  • CoffeeGrain + CoffeeGrinder – the software for internet cafés developed for the remote control of switching on/off of the computers. It works with the cafés price lists, automatic calculation time/payment, archiving + data export for the case of further usage.
  • SETTLER – Complex control system for radios. This unique control system was tailored for the needs of Rebeca Radio, which closed down. It could do everything what such a system is supposed to – to mix, to edit, to schedule, etc.
  • and a number of other tiny but useful server and internet applications…
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