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Audio and video online

Multimedia online streaming

ABiVideo and ABiRadio – you are in the right place if you plan to stream or share your audio or video online on professional level. We provide mainly tailor-made technology and services, this means, each customer gets own perfect solution.

abMedia stream server services are dedicated also for:

  • modern webportals
  • community portals
  • video sharing portals (ala YouTube, etc)
  • videoclip portals and web pages of music bands
  • web presentations with multimedia content
  • audio and video e-learning services
  • municipal and city authorities (audio and video streaming from parliaments)
  • solution is suitable also for extranet and intranet radio or TV

ABvideo - digital network broadcasting

video on demand
You can use our ABiVideo server and services in:

  • on-demand video stream into basic video formats
  • live video streaming
  • web casting – video streaming a sharing into Flash, QuickTime, WindowsMedia formats.
  • video chat in flash format
  • video conference
  • client to client video stream
  • server to client video stream

Advantages :

  • optional input – webcam, live stream, videofiles ..etc
  • own dedicated streaming server
  • unlimited connections
  • low price of whole solution
  • Mac, Linux and Windows compatibility
  • running on servers provided by our company with nonstop monitoring

AB_iRadio - digital network broadcasting

Online broadcasting running on server platform
audio stream services
ABiRadio server solution is suitable for your:

  • LAN and extranet broadcasting in your company
  • broadcasting for branch, shop, restaurant networks..
  • hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • anywhere, where you plan to broadcast content of your taste and needs

Basic characteristic of ABiRadio broadcasting server :

  • very easy operating
  • nonstop audio and music stream
  • playback of MP3 tracks by your pre-defined playlists
  • very easy setting of playlists
  • optional auto-start on last played track
  • playback with variable biterate
  • optional time interval of streaming
  • random playback
  • statistics
  • we provide virtual server for your needs
  • Linux platform
  • low price of implementation
  • optional tailor-made modules programming for your needs